TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018

Jun 03
Real Time with Bill Maher 01.06.2018 Bernie Sanders, Charlamagne tha God, Paul Begala, Bret Stephens, Natasha Bertrand
The Blacklist 3x17 Mr. Solomon (No. 32)
The Blacklist 3x18 Mr. Solomon (No. 32) - Conclusion
The Blacklist 3x19 Cape May (X)
The Blacklist 3x20 The Artax Network (No. 41)
The Blacklist 3x21 Susan Hargrave (No. 18)
The Blacklist 3x22 Alexander Kirk (No. 14)
The Blacklist 3x23 Alexander Kirk (No. 14) - Conclusion
The Blacklist 4x01 Esteban (No. 79)
The Blacklist 4x02 Mato (No. 66)
The Blacklist 4x03 Miles McGrath ( No. 65)
The Blacklist 4x04 Gaia (No. 81)
Total: 8h 41m

Jun 04
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 03.06.2018 Legal guardianship in elder care
Lucifer 1x09 A Priest Walks into a Bar
Lucifer 1x13 Take Me Back to Hell
Lucifer 2x07 My Little Monkey
Total: 2h 41m

Jun 05
Private Eyes 2x11 Long Live The King
Supergirl 3x21 Not Kansas
Total: 1h 25m

Jun 06
Whose Line is it Anyway 14x01 Greg Proops, Ross Mathews
Whose Line is it Anyway 14x02 Jeff Davis
The Blacklist 4x05 The Lindquist Concern ( No. 105)
The Blacklist 4x06 The Thrushes (No. 53)
Total: 2h 6m

Jun 07
The Opposition with Jordan Klepper 06.06.2018 Franchesca Ramsey
Total: 21m

Jun 08
Total: 0m

Jun 09
Smallville 1x16 Stray
Smallville 5x13 Vengeance
Parks and Recreation 2x01 Pawnee Zoo
Real Time with Bill Maher 08.06.2018 Fareed Zakaria, John Heilemann, Michael Eric Dyson, Linda Chavez, Shermichael Singleton
Total: 2h 42m
Jun 10
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6x13 Far Beyond the Stars
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6x19 In the Pale Moonlight
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6x07 You Are Cordially Invited
Superman: Die neuen Abenteuer von Lois & Clark 3x14 Tempus, Anyone
Superman: Die neuen Abenteuer von Lois & Clark 4x13 Sex, Lies and Videotape
The Blacklist 4x07 Dr. Adrian Shaw (No. 98)
The Blacklist 4x08 Dr. Adrian Shaw (No. 98) - Conclusion
The Blacklist 4x09 Lipet's Seafood Company (No. 111)
The Blacklist 4x10 The Forecaster (No. 163)
The Blacklist 4x11 The Harem (No. 102)
The Blacklist 4x12 Natalie Luca (No. 184)
Total: 7h 60m
Jun 11
The Blacklist 1x01 Pilot
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10.06.2018 Stupid Watergate, conservative efforts to psychologically undermine and delegitimize the Special Counsel investigation
The Blacklist 4x13 Isabella Stone (No. 34)
The Blacklist 4x14 The Architect (No. 107)
Total: 2h 38m

Jun 12
The Blacklist 4x15 The Apothecary (No. 59)
The Blacklist 4x16 Dembe Zuma (No. 10)
The Blacklist 4x17 Requiem
The Blacklist 4x18 Philomena (No. 61)
The Blacklist 4x19 Dr. Bogdan Krilov (No. 29)
Total: 3h 31m

Jun 13
The Blacklist 4x20 The Debt Collector (No. 46)
The Blacklist 4x21 Mr. Kaplan (No. 4)
The Blacklist 4x22 Mr. Kaplan (No. 4) - Conclusion
The Blacklist 5x01 Smokey Putnum (No. 30)
Total: 2h 49m
Jun 14
The Blacklist 5x02 Greyson Blaise (No. 37)
Total: 42m

Jun 15
Total: 0m

Jun 16
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 14.06.2018 Mike Colter
Smallville 5x16 Hypnotic
Smallville 1x02 Metamorphosis
Smallville 1x14 Zero
Real Time with Bill Maher 15.06.2018 George Will, Karen Bass, Billy Eichner, Margaret Hoover, Michael Weiss
The Blacklist 5x03 Miss Rebecca Thrall (No. 76)
The Blacklist 5x04 The Endling (No. 44)
Chuck 2x10 Chuck Versus the DeLorean
Chuck 2x09 Chuck Versus the Sensei
Chuck 2x03 Chuck Versus the Break-Up
The Blacklist 5x05 Ilyas Surkov (No. 54)
The Blacklist 5x06 The Travel Agency (No. 90)
The Blacklist 5x07 The Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48)
The Blacklist 5x08 Ian Garvey (No. 13)
The Blacklist 5x09 Ruin
The Blacklist 5x10 The Informant (No. 118)
Total: 11h 6m
Jun 17
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x01 Truth, Justice and the American Way
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x02 Great Power, Great Responsibility
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x03 A Hero Can Be Anyone
Total: 2h 47m

Jun 18
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 17.06.2018 China and Xi Jinping
Kampfstern Galactica (1978) 1x12 The Living Legend, Part I
Total: 1h 16m

Jun 19
Supergirl 3x22 Make it Reign
Supergirl 3x23 Battles Lost and Won
Total: 1h 24m

Jun 20
The Jim Jefferies Show 19.06.2018 Jordan Peterson & Sarah Silverman
Total: 21m

Jun 21
Total: 0m

Jun 22
Smallville 6x09 Subterranean
Take Two 1x01 Take Two
Private Eyes 2x12 Getaway with Murder
Total: 2h 7m

Jun 23
Private Eyes 2x13 A Fare to Remember
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x01 Pilot
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x02 The Tagger
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x03 The Slump
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x04 M.E. Time
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x05 The Vulture
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x06 Halloween
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x07 48 Hours
Total: 3h 16m

Jun 24
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x08 Old School
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x09 Sal's Pizza
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x10 Thanksgiving
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x11 Christmas
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x12 Pontiac Bandit
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x13 The Bet
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x14 The Ebony Falcon
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x15 Operation: Broken Feather
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x16 The Party
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x17 Full Boyle
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x18 The Apartment
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x19 Tactical Village
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x20 Fancy Brudgom
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x21 Unsolvable
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x22 Charges and Specs
Castle 5x04 Murder, He Wrote
Castle 5x05 Probable Cause
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x01 Undercover
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x02 Chocolate Milk
Total: 7h 30m

Jun 25
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 24.06.2018 2018 Mexican elections
Total: 30m
Jun 26
Total: 0m

Jun 27
Real Time with Bill Maher 22.06.2018 Michael Smerconish, Michael Pollan, Neera Tanden, Colion Noir, Josh Barro
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 26.06.2018 Bill Clinton & James Patterson
Total: 1h 35m

Jun 28
The Jim Jefferies Show 26.06.2018 The Crisis at the US - Mexico Border
Penn & Teller: Fool Us 5x01 Penn the Magic Dragon
Total: 1h 2m

Jun 29
The Opposition with Jordan Klepper 28.06.2018 The Final Fight
Whose Line is it Anyway 14x05 Jeff Davis, Chip Esten
Young & Hungry 5x11 Young & Downton Gabi
Young & Hungry 5x12 Young & Third Wheel
Young & Hungry 5x13 Young & Communication
Young & Hungry 5x14 Young & Handsy
Total: 2h 5m
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Jul 06
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x09 The Road Trip
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x10 The Pontiac Bandit Returns
Total: 43m

Jul 07
Take Two 1x03 Taken
Penn & Teller: Fool Us 5x02 The Rematch
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x11 Stakeout
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x12 Beach House
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x13 Payback
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x14 The Defense Rests
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x15 Windbreaker City
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x16 The Wednesday Incident
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x17 Boyle-Linetti Wedding
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x18 Captain Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x19 Sabotage
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x20 AC/DC
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x21 Det. Dave Majors
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x22 The Chopper
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x23 Johnny and Dora
Private Eyes 2x14 Finding Leroy
Suits 7x06 Home to Roost
Suits 7x07 Full Disclosure
Suits 7x08 100
Total: 8h 54m
Jul 09
The Blacklist 5x17 Anna-Gracia Duerte ( No. 25)
The Blacklist 5x18 Zarak Mosadek (No. 23)
The Blacklist 5x19 Ian Garvey (No. 13): Conclusion
The Blacklist 5x20 Nicholas T. Moore (No. 110)
Total: 2h 49m

Jul 10
The Blacklist 5x21 Lawrence Dane Devlin (No. 26)
The Blacklist 5x22 Sutton Ross (No. 17)
Total: 1h 26m

Jul 11
Total: 0m

Jul 12
Smallville 6x05 Reunion
Total: 42m

Jul 13
Smallville 6x07 Rage
The Jim Jefferies Show 10.07.2018 Judging the Supreme Court
Total: 1h 4m

Jul 14
Smallville 6x08 Static
Psych 5x03 Not Even Close...Encounters
Carter 1x01 Koji the Killer
Total: 2h 4m

Jul 15
Carter 1x02 The Astronaut & The Lion King
Brockmire 2x07 Caught in a Rundown
Brockmire 2x08 In the Cellar
Private Eyes 2x15 The Hills Have Eyes
Take Two 1x04 Ex’s and Oh’s
Young & Hungry 5x15 Young & Mexico, Part 1
Young & Hungry 5x16 Young & Mexico, Part 2
Psych 5x04 Chivalry Is Not Dead...But Someone Is
Psych 5x05 Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)
Total: 5h 0m
Jul 16
Penn & Teller: Fool Us 5x03 Penn & Teller Get Loopy
Total: 41m

Jul 17
Psych 5x06 Viagra Falls
Psych 5x07 Ferry Tale
Psych 5x08 Shawn 2.0
Psych 5x09 One, Maybe Two, Ways Out
Total: 2h 43m

Jul 18
Psych 5x10 Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
Psych 5x11 In Plain Fright
The Jim Jefferies Show 17.07.2018 America's Number One
Psych 5x12 Dual Spires
Psych 5x13 We'd Like to Thank the Academy
Total: 3h 13m

Jul 19
Psych 5x14 The Polarizing Express
Psych 5x15 Dead Bear Walking
Total: 1h 23m
Jul 22
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x01 New Captain
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x02 The Funeral
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x03 Boyle's Hunch
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x04 The Oolong Slayer
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x05 Halloween III
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x06 Into the Woods
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x06 The Mattress
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x07 Ava
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x09 The Swedes
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x10 Yippie Kayak
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x11 Hostage Situation
Psych 6x01 Shawn Rescues Darth Vader
Psych 6x02 Last Night Gus
Psych 6x03 This Episode Sucks
Psych 6x04 The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2
Psych 6x05 Dead Man's Curveball
Psych 6x06 Shawn, Interrupted
Psych 6x07 In for a Penny...
Total: 8h 33m
Jul 23
Total: 0m

Jul 24
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale 15.07.2018 Begin the Binge
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale 15.07.2018 Michael!
Total: 40m

Jul 25
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale 15.07.2018 Need Another Drink?
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale 15.07.2018 Pink
Total: 44m

Jul 26
Total: 0m

Jul 27
The Jim Jefferies Show 24.07.2018 Comic-Con's Diversity Problem
Total: 21m

Jul 28
Total: 0m

Jul 29
Smallville 6x15 Freak
Smallville 5x13 Vengeance
Smallville 4x13 Recruit
Castle 6x22 Veritas
Castle 1x05 A Chill Goes Through Her Veins
Castle 1x10 A Death in the Family
Castle 2x01 Deep in Death
Castle 4x01 Rise
Psych 6x08 The Tao of Gus
Suits 8x02 The Statue
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x12 9 Days
Total: 7h 18m
Aug 01
Sick Note 2x01 Frantisek Kotzwara
Total: 23m

Aug 02
The Jim Jefferies Show 31.07.2018 America Reaches Peak Outrage
Sick Note 2x02 New Balls
Smallville 4x11 Unsafe
Smallville 4x12 Pariah
Parks and Recreation 7x01 2017
Total: 2h 30m

Aug 03
Parks and Recreation 7x02 Ron & Jammy
Smallville 6x18 Progeny
Total: 1h 3m

Aug 04
Real Time with Bill Maher 03.08.2018 Nancy MacLean, Steve Schmidt, Charles Blow, Malcolm Nance, Kristen Soltis Anderson
Supernatural 1x01 Pilot
Take Two 1x06 The Devil You Know
Take Two 1x07 About Last Night
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x13 The Cruise
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x14 Karen Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x15 The 9–8
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x17 Adrian Pimento
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x18 Cheddar
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x19 Terry Kitties
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x16 House Mouses
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x20 Paranoia
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x21 Maximum Security
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x22 Bureau
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x23 Greg and Larry
Total: 6h 55m

Aug 05
Psych 6x09 Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat
Psych 6x10 Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger
Psych 6x11 Heeeeere's Lassie!
Psych 6x12 Shawn and the Real Girl
Psych 6x13 Let's Doo-Wop It Again
Psych 6x14 Autopsy Turvy
Psych 6x15 True Grits
Psych 6x16 Santabarbaratown
Psych 7x01 Santabarbaratown 2
Psych 7x02 Juliet Takes a Luvvah
Psych 7x03 Lassie Jerky
Psych 1x02 The Spelling Bee
Psych 7x04 No Country For Two Old Men
Total: 8h 54m
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Aug 09
The Jim Jefferies Show 07.08.2018 The 1D Brain Behind 3D-Printed Guns
Psych 7x10 The Santabarbarian Candidate
Psych 7x11 Office Space
Psych 7x12 Dead Air
Total: 2h 25m

Aug 10
Psych 7x13 Nip and Suck It!
Total: 40m

Aug 11
Psych 7x14 No Trout About It
Psych 7x15x16 Psych: The Musical
Real Time with Bill Maher 10.08.2018 D.L. Hughley, Lawrence O'Donnell, Seth Moulton, Steven Pinker, Christina Bellantoni
Psych 8x01 Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire
Psych 8x02 S.E.I.Z.E. the Day
Psych 8x03 Remake A.K.A. Cloudy...with a Chance of Improvement
Psych 8x04 Someone's Got a Woody
Psych 8x05 COG Blocked
Psych 8x06 1967: A Psych Odyssey
Psych 8x07 Shawn & Gus Truck Things Up
Psych 8x08 A Touch of Sweevil
Total: 8h 34m
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