TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018

Nov 19
Last Man Standing 7x07 Dreams vs. Reality
Total: 22m

Nov 20
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 18.11.2018 Authoritarianism
The Neighborhood 1x08 Welcome to Thanksgiving
God Friended Me 1x08 Matthew 621
Total: 1h 43m

Nov 21
Speechless 3x06 C-e-Celebrity S-u-Suite
The Jim Jefferies Show 20.11.2018 Jim Becomes a U.S. Citizen
The Rookie 1x05 The Roundup
The Good Doctor 2x08 Stories
New Amsterdam 1x08 Three Dots
Total: 2h 47m

Nov 22
SEAL Team 2x08 Parallax
The Resident 2x08 Heart in a Box
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x05 Tagumo Attacks!!!
Supergirl 4x05 Parasite Lost
Supergirl 4x06 Call to Action
Total: 3h 30m
Nov 24
Kampfstern Galactica (1978) 1x01x02x03 Saga of A Star World
Penn & Teller: Fool Us 5x12 Never Trust A Magician
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x04 HalloVeen
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x05 Bad Beat
Total: 3h 44m

Nov 25
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x06 The Venue
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x07 Two Turkeys
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x08 Return to Skyfire
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x09 99
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x10 Game Night
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x11 The Favor
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x12 Safe House
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x13 The Negotiation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x14 The Box
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x15 The Puzzle Master
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x16 NutriBoom
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x17 DFW
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x18 Gray Star Mutual
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x19 Bachelor/ette Party
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x20 Show Me Going
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x21 White Whale
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x22 Jake & Amy
Total: 6h 10m
Dez 01
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan 1x06 Sources and Methods
The Neighborhood 1x01 Pilot
Total: 1h 18m

Dez 02
The Rookie 1x01 Pilot
The Rookie 1x02 Crash Course
The Rookie 1x03 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Rookie 1x04 The Switch
The Rookie 1x05 The Roundup
The Rookie 1x06 The Hawke
Lucifer 1x07 Wingman
Lucifer 1x06 Favorite Son
Total: 5h 38m

Dez 03
Supergirl 4x08 Bunker Hill
Total: 42m

Dez 04
The Neighborhood 1x09 Welcome to the Dinner Guest
Single Parents 1x08 The Beast
S.W.A.T. 2x09 Day Off
The Good Doctor 2x10 Quarantine
Total: 2h 7m
Dez 06
Single Parents 1x09 Ronald Reagan’s White House Collectible Pen
SEAL Team 2x09 Santa Muerte
Total: 1h 4m

Dez 07
The Big Bang Theory 12x10 The VCR Illumination
Young Sheldon 2x10 A Stunted Childhood and a Can of Fancy Mixed Nuts
Superstore 4x08 Managers' Conference
S.W.A.T. 2x10 1000 Joules
The Good Place 3x10 Janet(s)
Chicago Fire 7x09 Always a Catch
Total: 2h 46m

Dez 08
Chicago P.D. 6x09 Descent
JAG 1x17 Black Ops
Speechless 3x07 F-o-Follow T-h-r-Through
Chicago Med 4x09 Death Do Us Part
Last Man Standing 7x08 HR's Rough n' Stuff
The Night Manager 1x03 Episode 3
The Night Manager 1x04 Episode 4
The Night Manager 1x05 Episode 5
Total: 5h 41m
Dez 11
The Neighborhood 1x10 Welcome to the Stolen Sneakers
Arrow 7x09b Elseworlds, Part 2
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow
Total: 1h 44m

Dez 12
Supergirl 4x09c Elseworlds, Part 3
The Rookie 1x08 Time of Death
Total: 1h 23m

Dez 13
Total: 0m

Dez 14
Superstore 4x09 Shadowing Glenn
Single Parents 1x10 The Magic Box
Friends 1x01 The One where Monica gets a Roommate
Friends 1x02 The One with the Sonogram at the End
Friends 1x03 The One with the Thumb
Friends 1x04 The One with George Stephanopoulos
Friends 1x05 The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
Friends 1x06 The One with the Butt
Friends 1x07 The One with the Blackout
Friends 1x08 The One where Nana dies Twice
Friends 1x09 The One where Underdog gets Away
Friends 1x10 The One with the Monkey
Friends 1x11 The One with Mrs. Bing
Friends 1x12 The One with the Dozen Lasagnas
Total: 5h 39m
Dez 16
Zur See 1x01 Die Bewährung
Zur See 1x02 Die Hochzeitsüberraschung
Zur See 1x03 Der Ladungsbrand
Zur See 1x04 Die Kollision
Zur See 1x05 Ruf an Rügenradio
Zur See 1x06 Zwei Briefe
Total: 6h 52m
Dez 20
Total: 0m

Dez 21
Arthurs Gesetz 1x01 Episode 1
Arthurs Gesetz 1x03 Episode 3
Total: 1h 26m

Dez 22
Total: 0m

Dez 23
Stargate SG-1 8x19 Moebius
Stargate SG-1 8x20 Moebius - Part 2
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x01 Pilot
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x02 The Tagger
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x03 The Slump
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x04 M.E. Time
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1x05 The Vulture
Total: 3h 11m

Dez 24
Total: 0m

Dez 25
The Newsroom 1x01 We Just Decided To
Total: 1h 13m

Dez 26
The Newsroom 1x02 News Night 2.0
Total: 58m

Dez 27
The Newsroom 1x03 The 112th Congress
The Newsroom 1x04 I'll Try to Fix You
Total: 1h 58m

Dez 28
The Newsroom 1x05 Amen
Total: 54m

Dez 29
O.C., California 1x01 Pilot
Total: 43m

Dez 30
Smallville 6x05 Reunion
CSI 12x01 73 Seconds
The Newsroom 1x06 Bullies
The Newsroom 1x07 5/1
Total: 3h 16m

Dez 31
Total: 0m

Total: 3d 4h 52m
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