TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018

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  1. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Aug 13
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 12.08.2018 Astroturfing
    Take Two 1x08 All About Ava
    Young & Hungry 5x17 Young & Motorcycle
    Young & Hungry 5x18 Young & Bullseye
    Young & Hungry 5x19 Young & Magic
    Young & Hungry 5x20 Young & Yacht'in
    JAG 1x12 The Brotherhood
    JAG 1x10 Boot
    JAG 2x01 We the People
    SEAL Team 1x01 Tip of the Spear
    JAG 1x17 Black Ops
    Total: 6h 15m

    Aug 14
    Smallville 8x03 Toxic
    Smallville 8x05 Committed
    Smallville 8x12 Bulletproof
    Smallville 10x08 Abandoned
    Smallville 6x21 Prototype
    Total: 3h 31m
  2. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Aug 15
    Ein Käfig voller Helden 1x02 Hold That Tiger
    Take Two 1x01 Take Two
    Happy! 1x01 Saint Nick
    Cobra Kai 1x01 Ace Degenerate
    Cobra Kai 1x02 Strike First
    Total: 2h 46m

    Aug 16
    Total: 0m

    Aug 17
    Barry 1x01 Chapter One: Make Your Mark
    Cobra Kai 1x03 Esqueleto
    Cobra Kai 1x04 Cobra Kai Never Dies
    Cobra Kai 1x05 Counterbalance
    Cobra Kai 1x06 Quiver
    Cobra Kai 1x07 All Valley
    Total: 2h 49m

    Aug 18
    Last Man Standing 4x11 Wedding Planning
    Last Man Standing 4x12 Helen Potts
    Last Man Standing 4x13 Mike Hires Chuck
    Cobra Kai 1x08 Molting
    Cobra Kai 1x09 Different but Same
    Cobra Kai 1x10 Mercy
    Total: 2h 40m

    Aug 19
    Total: 0m

    Aug 20
    Smallville 6x05 Reunion
    Smallville 6x02 Sneeze
    Total: 1h 23m

    Aug 21
    Smallville 9x06 Crossfire
    Smallville 1x05 Cool
    Smallville 10x09 Patriot
    Total: 2h 7m
  3. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  4. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Aug 23
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 19.08.2018 Trump tariffs
    Smallville 7x09 Gemini
    Smallville 6x15 Freak
    Smallville 3x19 Memoria
    Ein Duke kommt selten allein 1x01 One Armed Bandits
    Hart of Dixie 1x01 Pilot
    Friday Night Lights 1x01 Pilot
    Total: 4h 51m

    Aug 24
    Longmire 1x01 Pilot
    Xena: Warrior Princess 1x08 Prometheus
    Xena: Warrior Princess 2x19 Ulysses
    Xena: Warrior Princess 2x12 Destiny
    Xena: Warrior Princess 1x20 Ties That Bind
    Total: 3h 42m

    Aug 25
    Star Trek: The Next Generation 2x09 The Measure of a Man
    Smallville 4x17 Onyx
    Smallville 6x13 Crimson
    Real Time with Bill Maher 24.08.2018 John Brennan, David Corn, Arne Duncan, Rick Wilson, Saru Jayaraman
    The West Wing 1x10 In Excelsis Deo
    The West Wing 1x11 Lord John Marbury
    The West Wing 1x12 He Shall, from Time to Time...
    The West Wing 1x19 Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
    Smallville 3x16 Crisis
    Smallville 3x15 Resurrection
    Total: 7h 15m
  5. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  6. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Aug 27
    Total: 0m

    Aug 28
    Total: 0m

    Aug 29
    The Jim Jefferies Show 28.08.2018 Jim's Deep Dive Into Religion
    Total: 21m

    Aug 30
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x01 That '70s Pilot
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x02 Eric's Birthday
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x03 Streaking
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x04 Battle of the Sexists
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x05 Eric's Burger Job
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x06 The Keg
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x07 That Disco Episode
    Castle 3x11 Nikki Heat
    Total: 3h 12m
  7. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Aug 31
    Castle 2x07 Famous Last Words
    Castle 2x06 Vampire Weekend
    Castle 2x12 A Rose For Everafter
    Castle 2x17 Tick, Tick, Tick... (1)
    Castle 2x18 Boom! (2)
    Total: 3h 27m

    Total: 3d 20h 24m
    Durchschnitt: 2h 59m pro Tag
  8. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 01
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x08 Drive in
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x09 Thanksgiving
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x10 Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2x10 Pegasus
    Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2x11 Resurrection Ship: Part 1
    Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2x12 Resurrection Ship: Part 2
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x11 Eric's Buddy
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x12 The Best Christmas Ever
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x13 Ski Trip
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x14 Stolen Car
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x15 That Wrestling Show
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x16 First Date
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x17 The Pill
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x18 The Career Day
    Total: 6h 18m
  9. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 02
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x19 Prom Night
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x20 A New Hope
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x21 Water Tower
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x22 Punk Chick
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x23 Grandma's Dead
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x24 Hyde Moves In
    Die wilden Siebziger! 1x25 The Good Son
    Total: 2h 31m
  10. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 03
    Total: 0m

    Sep 04
    Cobra Kai 1x01 Ace Degenerate
    Total: 28m

    Sep 05
    Total: 0m

    Sep 06
    Total: 0m

    Sep 07
    Total: 0m

    Sep 08
    Smallville 5x18 Fragile
    Total: 42m

    Sep 09
    Real Time with Bill Maher 07.09.2018 Jim Carrey, David Axelrod, Charlie Dent, Michelle Goldberg, Jack Bryan
    Total: 57m
  11. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 10
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 09.09.2018 Felony voting disenfranchisement
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 06.09.2018 Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Total: 54m

    Sep 11
    QI 16x01 Panimals
    Total: 29m

    Sep 12
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x01 Coral Palms: Part 1
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x02 Coral Palms: Part 2
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x03 Coral Palms: Part 3
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x04 The Night Shift
    Total: 1h 22m

    Sep 13
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x05 Halloween IV
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x06 Monster in the Closet
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x07 Mr. Santiago
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x08 Skyfire Cycle
    Total: 1h 22m

    Sep 14
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x09 The Overmining
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x10 Captain Latvia
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x13 The Audit
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x11x12 The Fugitive
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x14 Serve & Protect
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x15 The Last Ride
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x16 Moo Moo
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x17 Cop-Con
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x18 Chasing Amy
    Total: 3h 25m

    Sep 15
    Real Time with Bill Maher 14.09.2018 John Kerry, Steve Ballmer, S.E. Cupp, Mark Leibovich, Richard Clarke
    Total: 56m

    Sep 16
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 12.09.2018 Anna Kendrick
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x19 Your Honor
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x20 The Slaughterhouse
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x21 The Bank Job
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x22 Crime and Punishment
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x01 The Big House: Part 1
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5x02 The Big House: Part 2
    Bodyguard 1x01 Episode 1
    Bodyguard 1x02 Episode 2
    Total: 4h 25m
  12. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 17
    Bodyguard 1x03 Episode 3
    Bodyguard 1x04 Episode 4
    Total: 1h 53m

    Sep 18
    Bodyguard 1x05 Episode 5
    American Vandal 2x01 The Brownout
    Total: 1h 31m

    Sep 19
    Total: 0m

    Sep 20
    The Jim Jefferies Show 18.09.2018 Nike's Ad Campaign Stirs Up Controversy
    QI 16x02 Peril
    Total: 50m

    Sep 21
    Superman: Die neuen Abenteuer von Lois & Clark 1x18 The Rival
    Superman: Die neuen Abenteuer von Lois & Clark 1x19 Vatman
    Total: 1h 33m

    Sep 22
    Real Time with Bill Maher 21.09.2018 Michael Moore, Thom Hartmann, P. J. O'Rourke, Catherine Rampell, Steve Hilton
    Family Tree 1x01 The Box
    Family Tree 1x02 Treading the Boards
    Family Tree 1x03 The Austerity Games
    Family Tree 1x04 Country Life
    Family Tree 1x05 Welcome to America
    DC's Legends of Tomorrow 1x06 Star City 2046
    Supergirl 1x18 Worlds Finest
    Supergirl 1x01 Pilot
    Family Tree 1x06 Civil War
    Family Tree 1x07 Indians
    Family Tree 1x08 Cowboys
    Total: 6h 45m

    Sep 23
    Smallville 3x01 Exile
    Smallville 3x02 Phoenix
    Smallville 2x09 Dichotic
    Smallville 1x12 Leech
    Smallville 3x03 Extinction
    Smallville 3x05 Perry
    Smallville 3x08 Shattered
    Smallville 3x09 Asylum
    Smallville 3x10 Whisper
    Total: 6h 27m
  13. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  14. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Sep 27
    Smallville 5x12 Reckoning
    Lethal Weapon 3x01 In the Same Boat
    Single Parents 1x01 Pilot
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 27.09.2018 Bill Gates
    Chicago P.D. 6x01 New Normal
    Chicago Fire 7x01 A Closer Eye
    Total: 3h 35m

    Sep 28
    Chicago Med 4x01 Be My Better Half
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 27.09.2018 America Ferrera
    Young Sheldon 2x02 A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron
    The Big Bang Theory 12x02 The Wedding Gift Wormhole
    Total: 1h 45m

    Sep 29
    The Good Place 3x01 Everything Is Bonzer!
    SOKO Potsdam 1x01 Saubere Geschäfte
    Total: 1h 26m

    Sep 30
    Total: 0m

    Total: 2d 6h 55m
    Durchschnitt: 1h 50m pro Tag
  15. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  16. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Okt 01
    S.W.A.T. 2x01 Shaky Town
    Last Man Standing 7x01 Welcome Baxter
    Real Time with Bill Maher 29.09.2018 Steve Bannon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Evelyn Farkas, Max Brooks, April Ryan
    Total: 1h 59m

    Okt 02
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 30.09.2018 Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations
    God Friended Me 1x01 Pilot
    MacGyver (2016) 3x01 Improvise
    Happy Together 1x01 Pilot
    The Neighborhood 1x01 Pilot
    The Resident 2x02 The Prince & The Pauper
    The Good Doctor 2x02 Middle Ground
    Total: 4h 4m

    Okt 03
    The Good Doctor 1x01 Burnt Food
    Babylon 5 2x20 The Long, Twilight Struggle
    Babylon 5 3x06 Dust to Dust
    Babylon 5 3x09 Point of No Return
    Babylon 5 3x10 Severed Dreams
    Lethal Weapon 3x02 Need to Know
    A Million Little Things 1x01 Pilot
    The Jim Jefferies Show 02.10.2018 America's Racist Criminal Justice System
    Band of Brothers 1x01 Currahee
    Band of Brothers 1x02 Day of Days
    Band of Brothers 1x03 Carentan
    Band of Brothers 1x04 Replacements
    Band of Brothers 1x05 Crossroads
    Total: 10h 24m
  17. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  18. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Okt 05
    A Million Little Things 1x02 Band of Dads
    Total: 43m

    Okt 06
    The Good Place 3x02 The Brainy Bunch
    Real Time with Bill Maher 05.10.2018 Doris Kearns Goodwin, Soledad O'Brien, David Jolly, Andrew Sullivan, Jeff Bridges
    Superstore 4x01 Back to School
    The Big Bang Theory 12x03 The Procreation Calculation
    Young Sheldon 2x03 A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens
    Last Man Standing 7x02 Man vs. Myth
    MacGyver (2016) 3x02 Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship
    S.W.A.T. 2x02 Gasoline Drum
    SEAL Team 2x01 Fracture
    Band of Brothers 1x06 Bastogne
    Band of Brothers 1x07 The Breaking Point
    Band of Brothers 1x08 The Last Patrol
    Total: 7h 56m
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  19. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Okt 07
    Band of Brothers 1x09 Why We Fight
    Band of Brothers 1x10 Points
    ALF 1x01 A.L.F.
    Take Two 1x09 Shadows of the Past
    Take Two 1x10 Stillwater
    Take Two 1x11 Family Ties
    Take Two 1x12 It Takes A Thief
    Take Two 1x13 One to the Heart
    American Vandal 2x02 #2
    American Vandal 2x03 Leaving a Mark
    American Vandal 2x04 Shit Talk
    American Vandal 2x05 Wiped Clean
    American Vandal 2x06 All Backed Up
    American Vandal 2x07 Shit Storm
    American Vandal 2x08 The Dump
    Private Eyes 2x17 Brew The Right Thing
    Private Eyes 2x18 Shadow of a Doubt
    Doctor Who (2005) 11x01 The Woman Who Fell to Earth
    Total: 12h 9m
  20. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Okt 08
    God Friended Me 1x02 The Good Samaritan
    Total: 43m

    Okt 09
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 07.10.2018 Brazilian general election, 2018
    Happy Together 1x02 Scrubbing
    The Neighborhood 1x02 Welcome to the Recipe
    The Good Doctor 2x03 36 Hours
    Total: 1h 53m

    Okt 10
    Black Mirror 4x01 USS Callister
    Total: 1h 17m

    Okt 11
    Total: 0m

    Okt 12
    The Jim Jefferies Show 09.10.2018 The Exploitation of Victimhood
    The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow
    Total: 42m

    Okt 13
    Superstore 4x02 Baby Shower
    Real Time with Bill Maher 12.10.2018 Omarosa Manigault Newman, Eddie Glaude, Steve Kornacki, Reihan Salam, Rebecca Traister
    Speechless 3x01 L-o-n-London: Part 1
    Speechless 3x02 L-o-n-London: Part 2
    The Big Bang Theory 12x04 The Tam Turbulence
    Young Sheldon 2x04 A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce
    Last Man Standing 7x03 Giving Mike the Business
    MacGyver (2016) 3x03 Bozer + Booze + Back to School
    S.W.A.T. 2x03 Fire and Smoke
    SEAL Team 2x02 Never Say Die
    The Resident 2x03 Three Words
    Friday Night Lights 1x01 Pilot
    Total: 6h 36m

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