TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2020

06. Okt
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 27. Sep 2020 Mitch McConnell and the American electoral college
Total: 30m

07. Okt
The Good Place 2x11 The Burrito
The Good Place 2x12 Somewhere Else
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 04. Okt 2020 2020 United States elections
Total: 1h 17m

08. Okt
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2x11 Resurrection Ship: Part 1
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2x12 Resurrection Ship: Part 2
Total: 1h 24m

09. Okt
Total: 0m

10. Okt
Parks & Recreation 2x21 94 Meetings
Parks & Recreation 2x22 Telethon
Parks & Recreation 2x23 The Master Plan
Parks & Recreation 2x24 Freddy Spaghetti
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x17 Forever
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x18 Intervention
Total: 2h 50m

11. Okt
Angel 2x17 Disharmony
Real Time with Bill Maher 09. Okt 2020 Adam Schiff, John Brennan, Keli Goff, Bret Stephens
Castle 2x20 The Late Shaft
Castle 2x21 Den of Thieves
Suits 1x10 The Shelf Life
Parks & Recreation 3x01 Go Big or Go Home
Parks & Recreation 3x02 Flu Season
Parks & Recreation 3x03 Time Capsule
Parks & Recreation 3x04 Ron & Tammy - Part Two
Psych 5x08 Shawn 2.0
Psych 5x09 One, Maybe Two, Ways Out
Total: 6h 28m
12. Okt
Lucifer 2x15 Deceptive Little Parasite
Lucifer 2x16 God Johnson
New Girl 1x22 Tomatoes
Total: 1h 48m

13. Okt
New Girl 1x23 Backslide
New Girl 1x24 See Ya
New Girl 2x01 Re-Launch
New Girl 2x02 Katie
New Girl 2x03 Fluffer
Total: 1h 48m

14. Okt
New Girl 2x04 Neighbors
The Neighborhood 1x01 Pilot
Total: 43m

15. Okt
New Girl 2x05 Models
New Girl 2x06 Halloween
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x06 Halloween
New Girl 2x07 Menzies
Supergirl 1x18 Worlds Finest
Total: 2h 34m

16. Okt
Total: 0m

17. Okt
Total: 0m

18. Okt
Young Justice 1x01 Independence Day
Young Justice 1x02 Independence Day: Part 2
Young Justice 1x03 Welcome to Happy Harbor
Young Justice 1x04 Drop-Zone
Young Justice 1x05 Schooled
Young Justice 1x06 Infiltrator
Young Justice 1x07 Denial
Young Justice 1x08 Downtime
Young Justice 1x09 Bereft
Young Justice 1x10 Targets
Young Justice 1x11 Terrors
Young Justice 1x12 Homefront
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x13 Alpha Male
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x14 Revelation
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x15 Humanity
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x16 Failsafe
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x17 Disordered
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x18 Secrets
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x19 Misplaced
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x20 Coldhearted
Total: 7h 29m

19. Okt
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x21 Image
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x22 Agendas
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x23 Insecurity
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x24 Performance
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x25 Usual Suspects
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets 1x26 Auld Acquaintance
Total: 2h 14m

20. Okt
Real Time with Bill Maher 16. Okt 2020 Fareed Zakaria, John Leguizamo, John Avlon, Noah Rothman
Total: 57m

21. Okt
The Neighborhood 1x02 Welcome to the Recipe
Total: 21m

22. Okt
Total: 0m

23. Okt
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 18. Okt 2020 World Health Organization
Total: 30m

24. Okt
Angel 2x18 Dead End
Angel 2x19 Belonging
Castle 2x22 Food to Die For
Castle 2x23 Overkill
Suits 1x11 Rules of the Game
Real Time with Bill Maher 23. Okt 2020 Matthew McConaughey, Heidi Heitkamp, Anthony Scaramucci, Ben Sheehan
Arrow 2x02 Identity
Arrow 2x03 Broken Dolls
Total: 5h 45m

25. Okt
Lucifer 2x17 Sympathy for the Goddess
Lucifer 2x18 The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy
Total: 1h 26m

26. Okt
Total: 0m

27. Okt
Total: 0m

28. Okt
JAG 3x19 Death Watch
Arrow 2x04 Crucible
Total: 1h 28m

29. Okt
Total: 0m

30. Okt
Total: 0m

31. Okt
Real Time with Bill Maher 30. Okt 2020 Al Franken, David E. Sanger, Lis Smith, John Heilemann
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 25. Okt 2020 Asylum
Smallville 1x17 Reaper
Smallville 1x18 Drone
Smallville 1x19 Crush
Heroes 1x21 Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part'
Heroes 1x22 Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide'
Heroes 1x23 Chapter Twenty-Three 'How to Stop a
Total: 5h 49m

Total: 2d 0h 11m
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01. Nov
Smallville 1x20 Obscura
Castle 2x24 A Deadly Game
Yellowstone 1x01 Daybreak
Total: 2h 58m

02. Nov
Total: 0m

03. Nov
Total: 0m

04. Nov
Total: 0m

05. Nov
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 01. Nov 2020 Trump's response to COVID-19 ("Coronavirus XI"), William Barr, and unitary executive theory
Total: 45m

06. Nov
Cobra Kai 1x01 Ace Degenerate
Cobra Kai 1x02 Strike First
Cobra Kai 1x03 Esqueleto
Cobra Kai 1x04 Cobra Kai Never Dies
Cobra Kai 1x05 Counterbalance
Cobra Kai 1x06 Quiver
Arrow 2x05 League of Assassins
Yellowstone 1x02 Kill the Messenger
Total: 4h 21m

07. Nov
Cobra Kai 1x07 All Valley
Cobra Kai 1x08 Molting
Cobra Kai 1x09 Different but Same
Cobra Kai 1x10 Mercy
Cobra Kai 2x01 Mercy (Part 2)
Total: 2h 39m

08. Nov
Real Time with Bill Maher 06. Nov 2020 Tristan Harris, Rosa Brooks, Malcolm Nance
B Positive 1x01 Pilot
Superstore 5x21 California (Part 1)
Superstore 6x01 Essential
Superstore 6x02 California (2)
Castle 3x01 A Deadly Affair
Total: 3h 7m
09. Nov
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 08. Nov 2020 2020 United States election results
Total: 29m

10. Nov
The West Wing 2x01 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1)
The West Wing 2x02 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2)
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x19 Tough Love
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x20 Spiral
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x21 The Weight of the World
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 5x22 The Gift
Angel 2x20 Over the Rainbow
Smallville 1x21 Tempest
Total: 5h 43m

11. Nov
Die Anstalt 03.11.2020
Total: 44m

12. Nov
Total: 0m

13. Nov
Suits 1x12 Dog Fight
Total: 42m

14. Nov
Superstore 6x03 Floor Supervisor
B Positive 1x02 Die Alysis
Real Time with Bill Maher 13. Nov 2020 Jenna Ellis, Max Brooks, Caitlin Flanagan
Wilmore 1x09 2020-11-13 Landscape
S.W.A.T. 3x21 Diablo
Total: 2h 49m

15. Nov
S.W.A.T. 4x01 3 Seventeen Year Olds
S.W.A.T. 4x02 Stakeout
Chernobyl 1x02 Please Remain Calm
Chernobyl 1x03 Open Wide, O Earth
The Unicorn 1x01 Pilot
Total: 3h 49m

16. Nov
Smallville 2x01 Vortex
The Unicorn 1x02 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 15. Nov 2020 2020 United States elections and consequences of Trump's refusal to concede
Total: 1h 34m

17. Nov
The Unicorn 1x03 Widow's Group
The Neighborhood 3x01 Welcome to the Movement
The Unicorn 1x04 The Unicorn and the Catfish
The Unicorn 1x05 No Small Parts
Total: 1h 26m

18. Nov
The Unicorn 1x06 Three Men Out
The Unicorn 1x07 Wade Delayed
The Unicorn 1x08 Turkeys and Traditions
The Unicorn 1x09 No Pressure
The Unicorn 1x10 Anna and the Unicorn
The Unicorn 1x11 If It Doesn't Spark Joy
The Unicorn 1x12 It Isn't Romantic
The Unicorn 1x13 Worst Case Scenario
The Unicorn 1x14 The Wade Beneath My Wings
The Unicorn 1x15 Everyone's a Winner
Total: 3h 35m

19. Nov
The Unicorn 1x16 The Client
The Unicorn 1x17 Caroline, No
The Unicorn 1x18 No Matter What the Future Brings
Total: 1h 5m

20. Nov
Justified 1x01 Fire in the Hole
The Unicorn 2x01 There’s Something About Whoever-She-Was
The Unicorn 2x02 It’s Complicated
B Positive 1x03 Foreign Bodies
Superstore 6x04 Prize Wheel
S.W.A.T. 4x03 The Black Hand Man
Total: 2h 59m

21. Nov
The Boys 2x01 The Big Ride
The Boys 2x02 Proper Preparation and Planning
The Boys 2x03 Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men
The Boys 2x04 Nothing Like It in the World
The Boys 2x05 We Gotta Go Now
The Boys 2x06 The Bloody Doors Off
The Boys 2x07 Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
Total: 7h 10m

22. Nov
The Boys 2x08 What I Know
Real Time with Bill Maher 20. Nov 2020 Michael Eric Dyson, Alex Wagner, Jon Meacham
Perry Mason (2020) 1x05 Chapter Five
Perry Mason (2020) 1x06 Chapter Six
Perry Mason (2020) 1x07 Chapter Seven
Perry Mason (2020) 1x08 Chapter Eight
FBI 3x01 Never Trust a Stranger
FBI: Most Wanted 2x01 Rampage
Chicago P.D. 1x01 Stepping Stone
Angel 2x21 Through the Looking Glass
Total: 9h 1m
23. Nov
Angel 2x22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Total: 43m

24. Nov
Total: 0m

25. Nov
Smallville 2x02 Heat
The Neighborhood 3x02 Welcome to the Election
The Professionals (2020) 1x01 Snipe Hunt
FBI 3x02 Unreasonable Doubt
Total: 2h 36m

26. Nov
FBI: Most Wanted 2x02 Execute
Total: 40m

27. Nov
Castle 3x02 He's Dead, She's Dead
Suits 2x01 She Knows
Castle 3x03 Under the Gun
All Rise 2x01 A Change Is Gonna Come (1)
Total: 2h 54m

28. Nov
All Rise 2x02 Keep Ya Head Up (2)
The Big Bang Theory 1x01 Pilot
Baby Daddy 1x01 Pilot
Yellowstone 1x03 No Good Horses
Yellowstone 1x04 The Long Black Train
Yellowstone 1x05 Coming Home
Yellowstone 1x06 The Remembering
Yellowstone 1x07 A Monster Is Among Us
Yellowstone 1x08 The Unravelling (1)
Yellowstone 1x09 The Unravelling (2)
Yellowstone 2x01 A Thundering
Yellowstone 2x02 New Beginnings
Yellowstone 2x03 The Reek of Desperation
Yellowstone 2x04 Only Devils Left
Total: 9h 57m

29. Nov
Angel 3x01 Heartthrob
Yellowstone 2x05 Touching Your Enemy
Yellowstone 2x06 Blood the Boy
Yellowstone 2x07 Resurrection Day
Yellowstone 2x08 Behind Us Only Grey
Yellowstone 2x09 Enemies by Monday
Yellowstone 2x10 Sins of the Father
Total: 5h 20m
01. Dez
The Big Bang Theory 1x02 The Big Bran Hypothesis
Stranger Things 1x01 Chapter One - The Vanishing of Will Byers
The Neighborhood 3x03 Welcome to Couples Therapy
All Rise 2x03 Sliding Floors
Total: 2h 14m

02. Dez
Total: 0m

03. Dez
Total: 0m

04. Dez
Yellowstone 1x01 Daybreak
Yellowstone 1x02 Kill the Messenger
The Unicorn 1x01 Pilot
Total: 2h 48m

05. Dez
Total: 0m

06. Dez
The Big Bang Theory 1x03 The Fuzzy Boots Corollary
Raising Hope 1x01 Pilot
Raising Hope 1x02 Dead Tooth
Raising Hope 1x03 Dream Hoarders
Yellowstone 1x03 No Good Horses
SOKO Potsdam 2x01 Eine verhängnisvolle Affäre
SOKO Potsdam 2x02 Nervenkitzel
SOKO Potsdam 2x03 Familienschande
Smallville 2x03 Duplicity
Total: 5h 7m
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07. Dez
Castle 3x05 Anatomy of a Murder
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 6x01 Bargaining (1)
Total: 2h 6m

08. Dez
The Big Bang Theory 1x03 The Fuzzy Boots Corollary
24 1x01 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
24 1x02 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.
24 1x03 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m.
24 1x04 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
Stranger Things 1x02 Chapter Two - The Weirdo on Maple Street
The Neighborhood 3x04 Welcome to the Rooster
The Unicorn 2x03 It's the Thought That Counts
B Positive 1x04 Joint Pain
I Hate Suzie 1x03 Fear
Total: 5h 42m

09. Dez
Die Anstalt 08.12.2020 Episode 56
The Flight Attendant 1x01 In Case of Emergency
The Flight Attendant 1x02 Rabbits
The Flight Attendant 1x03 Funeralia
Total: 3h 10m

10. Dez
The Flight Attendant 1x04 Conspiracy Theories
Total: 41m

11. Dez
The Flight Attendant 1x05 Other People's Houses
The Flight Attendant 1x06 After Dark
The Flight Attendant 1x07 Hitchcock Double
Total: 2h 8m

12. Dez
Smallville 2x04 Red
Suits 2x02 The Choice
Psych 5x10 Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
Psych 5x11 In Plain Fright
Psych 5x12 Dual Spires
Psych 5x13 We'd Like to Thank the Academy
Psych 5x14 The Polarizing Express
Total: 5h 0m

13. Dez
Total: 0m

14. Dez
Total: 0m

15. Dez
Total: 0m

16. Dez
Total: 0m

17. Dez
Total: 0m

18. Dez
Yellowstone 1x01 Daybreak
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x14 The One Where We're Trapped on TV
The Flight Attendant 1x01 In Case of Emergency
Total: 2h 59m

19. Dez
Total: 0m

20. Dez
Total: 0m

21. Dez
Smallville 8x19 Stiletto
Castle 3x06 3XK
Total: 1h 24m

22. Dez
Ted Lasso 1x01 Pilot
Ted Lasso 1x02 Biscuits
Ted Lasso 1x03 Trent Crimm: The Independent
Ted Lasso 1x04 For the Children
Ted Lasso 1x05 Tan Lines
Ted Lasso 1x06 Two Aces
The Neighborhood 3x05 Welcome to the Road Trip
Total: 3h 29m

23. Dez
Smallville 2x05 Nocturne
Ted Lasso 1x07 Make Rebecca Great Again
Ted Lasso 1x08 The Diamond Dogs
Ted Lasso 1x09 All Apologies
Ted Lasso 1x10 The Hope That Kills You
Ted Lasso 1x01 Pilot
Total: 3h 20m

24. Dez
Total: 0m

25. Dez
SOKO Potsdam 2x04 Der Container
SOKO Potsdam 2x05 Der Selbstmordbaum
Total: 1h 26m

26. Dez
Stranger Things 1x03 Chapter Three - Holly, Jolly
Total: 52m

27. Dez
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist 1x01 Pilot
SOKO Potsdam 2x06 Fluch der guten Tat
SOKO Potsdam 2x07 Ermittlungen im Dreivierteltakt
Total: 2h 10m

28. Dez
The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2020
Stranger Things 1x04 Chapter Four - The Body
Last Man Standing 4x12 Helen Potts
Total: 2h 43m

29. Dez
SOKO Potsdam 2x08 Robin Hoods
SOKO Potsdam 2x09 Ein bedrohtes Paradies
SOKO Potsdam 2x10 Verlorene Söhne
Total: 2h 9m

30. Dez
Total: 0m

31. Dez
Total: 0m

Total: 2d 1h 28m
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Total: 34d 2h 10m
Durchschnitt: 2h 14m pro Tag
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