TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2020

DJ Doena

20. Apr
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x09 The Puppet Show
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x10 Nightmares
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 19. Apr 2020 Misinformation related to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic
Total: 1h 59m

21. Apr
Parks & Recreation 2x04 Practice Date
Psych 4x02 He Dead
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x12 Prophecy Girl
Total: 2h 31m

22. Apr
Castle 1x10 A Death in the Family
New Girl 1x10 The Story of the 50
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x01 When She Was Bad
Chuck 3x08 Chuck Versus the Fake Name
Doctor Who (2005) 5x05 Flesh and Stone
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x02 Some Assembly Required
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x04 Inca Mummy Girl
Total: 4h 43m

23. Apr
Band of Brothers 1x09 Why We Fight
Band of Brothers 1x10 Points
Almost Paradise 1x04 Pistol Whip
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x05 Reptile Boy
Total: 3h 23m

24. Apr
Glee 1x07 Throwdown
Breaking Bad 2x03 Bit by a Dead Bee
Total: 1h 29m

25. Apr
Lucifer 1x08 Et Tu, Doctor
Real Time with Bill Maher 24. Apr 2020 Nancy Pelosi, Dr. David Katz, Jay Leno
Last Man Standing 8x19 The Big LeBaxter
Last Man Standing 8x20 Extrasensory Deception
Total: 2h 16m

26. Apr
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x07 Lie to Me
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x08 The Dark Age
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x11 Ted
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x12 Bad Eggs
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x13 Surprise
Smallville 5x20 Fade
Smallville 1x09 Rogue
Smallville 1x10 Shimmer
Smallville 1x11 Hug
Total: 6h 38m

DJ Doena


DJ Doena

01. Mai
Psych 4x03 High Noon-ish
Doctor Who (2005) 5x06 The Vampires of Venice
Glee 1x08 Mash-Up
S.W.A.T. 3x18 Stigma
S.W.A.T. 3x19 Vice
S.W.A.T. 3x20 Wild Ones
Last Man Standing 8x21 How You Like Them Pancakes?
Total: 4h 39m

02. Mai
Lucifer 1x09 A Priest Walks into a Bar
Real Time with Bill Maher 01. Mai 2020 Eric Holder, Bret Stephens, Matt Taibbi
FBI: Most Wanted 1x13 Grudge
Chicago Fire 8x16 The Tendency of a Drowning Victim
Chicago Fire 8x17 Protect a Child
Chicago Fire 8x18 I'll Cover You
Chicago Fire 8x19 Light Things Up
Chicago Fire 8x20 51's Original Bell
Chicago Med 5x17 The Ghosts of the Past
Chicago Med 5x18 In the Name of Love
Chicago Med 5x19 Just a River in Egypt
Total: 7h 38m

03. Mai
Chicago Med 5x20 A Needle in the Heart
Chicago P.D. 7x17 Before the Fall
Chicago P.D. 7x18 Lines
Chicago P.D. 7x19 Buried Secrets
Chicago P.D. 7x20 Silence of the Night
O.C., California 1x18 The Truth
O.C., California 1x19 The Heartbreak
Dr. House 1x07 Fidelity
Dr. House 1x08 Poison
Dr. House 1x09 DNR
Total: 6h 54m

DJ Doena

04. Mai
Total: 0m

05. Mai
The Good Place 1x01x02 Everything Is Fine - Flying
The Neighborhood 2x21 Welcome to the Speed Bump
The Neighborhood 2x22 Welcome to the Campaign
New Girl 1x12 The Landlord
Total: 1h 45m

06. Mai
Doctor Who (2005) 5x07 Amy's Choice
Die Anstalt 05.05.2020 Episode 51
Angel 1x21 Blind Date
Parks & Recreation 2x06 Kaboom
FBI: Most Wanted 1x14 Getaway
Chuck 3x10 Chuck Versus the Tic Tac
Angel 1x22 To Shanshu in L.A.
Total: 4h 40m

07. Mai
The Rookie 2x18 Under the Gun
The Rookie 2x19 The Q Word
Arrow 1x02 Honor Thy Father
Total: 2h 6m

08. Mai
Glee 1x09 Wheels
Glee 1x10 Ballad
Total: 1h 27m

09. Mai
Psych 4x04 The Devil's in the Details...And in the Upstairs Bedroom
SEAL Team 3x20 No Choice in Duty
Angel 2x01 Judgement
Dexter 4x12 The Getaway
Lucifer 1x10 Pops
Total: 2h 50m

10. Mai
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 03. Mai 2020 COVID-19 testing
Real Time with Bill Maher 08. Mai 2020 Justin Amash, Amy Holmes, Dan Savage
All Rise 1x21 Dancing at Los Angeles
Smallville 1x07 Craving
Smallville 1x08 Jitters
The Blacklist 7x11 Victoria Fenberg (No. 137)
The Blacklist 7x12 Cornelius Ruck (No. 155)
The Blacklist 7x13 Newton Purcell (No. 144)
The Blacklist 7x14 Twamie Ullulaq (No. 126)
Total: 6h 25m

DJ Doena

11. Mai
The Rookie 2x20 The Hunt
Total: 42m

12. Mai
The Good Place 1x03 Tahani Al-Jamil
New Girl 1x13 Valentine's Day
Parks & Recreation 2x07 Greg Pikitis
Total: 1h 4m

13. Mai
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10. Mai 2020 United States Postal Service and Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006
Total: 29m

14. Mai
Castle 2x01 Deep in Death
Arrow 1x03 Lone Gunmen
Glee 1x11 Hairography
Chuck 3x11 Chuck Versus the Final Exam
Dr. House 1x10 Histories (House M.D.: Season 1: Disc 3)
Arrow 1x04 An Innocent Man
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x01 Truth, Justice and the American Way
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x02 Great Power, Great Responsibility
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle 1x03 A Hero Can Be Anyone
Total: 7h 0m

15. Mai
The Good Place 1x04 Jason Mendoza
Angel 2x02 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
O.C., California 1x20 The Telenovela
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x07 Angel
Total: 2h 31m