TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2022

DJ Doena

01. Jul
Smallville 5x10 Fanatic
Smallville 5x11 Lockdown
Smallville 5x12 Reckoning
Smallville 5x13 Vengeance
Smallville 5x14 Tomb
Smallville 5x15 Cyborg
Total: 4h 12m

02. Jul
Chuck 2x11 Chuck Versus Santa Claus
Chuck 1x04 Chuck Versus the Wookiee
Chuck 1x01 Chuck Versus the Intersect
Smallville 9x06 Crossfire
Total: 2h 50m

03. Jul
Smallville 9x07 Kandor
Smallville 9x10 Disciple
Smallville 9x14 Conspiracy
Supergirl 2x01 The Adventures of Supergirl
Total: 2h 49m

DJ Doena

04. Jul
Total: 0m

05. Jul
#beisenherz 04. Jul 2022 #inflationsbremse, #russland_rückt_vor, #wehrpflicht_comeback, #corona_herbstchaos, #reisefrust
Total: 43m

06. Jul
Supernatural 10x05 Fan Fiction
Total: 42m

07. Jul
What is a Woman
Total: 1h 35m

08. Jul
Total: 0m

09. Jul
Angel 4x14 Release
Angel 4x15 Orpheus
Angel 4x16 Players
Angel 4x17 Inside Out
Total: 2h 45m

10. Jul
The Good Place 1x11 What's My Motivation
The Good Place 1x12 Mindy St. Claire
The Orville 3x02 Shadow Realms
The Orville 3x03 Mortality Paradox
The Orville 3x04 Gently Falling Rain
The Orville 3x05 A Tale of Two Topas
The Orville 3x06 Twice in a Lifetime
Total: 6h 18m

DJ Doena

11. Jul
Total: 0m

12. Jul
1883 1x07 Lightning Yellow Hair
Total: 53m

13. Jul
#beisenherz 11. Jul 2022 #nordstream1_aus, #gasnotstand, #rückeroberung_ukraine, #coronafalle, #lindner_hochzeit
Smallville 5x17 Void
Total: 1h 23m

14. Jul
Designated Survivor 1x01 Pilot
The West Wing 1x22 What Kind of Day Has It Been
The West Wing 2x01 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1)
The West Wing 2x02 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (2)
Total: 2h 47m

15. Jul
The Good Place 1x13 Michael's Gambit
Superman & Lois 2x01 What Lies Beneath
Superman & Lois 2x02 The Ties That Bind
Total: 1h 45m

16. Jul
Superman & Lois 2x03 The Thing in the Mines
Superman & Lois 2x04 The Inverse Method
Superman & Lois 2x05 Girl… You’ll Be a Woman, Soon
Superman & Lois 2x06 Tried and True
Total: 2h 51m

17. Jul
Superman & Lois 2x07 Anti-Hero
Superman & Lois 2x08 Into Oblivion
Superman & Lois 2x09 30 Days and 30 Nights
Superman & Lois 2x10 Bizarros in a Bizarro World
Superman & Lois 2x11 Truth and Consequences
Superman & Lois 2x12 Lies That Bind
Superman & Lois 2x13 All Is Lost
Superman & Lois 2x14 Worlds War Bizzare
Superman & Lois 2x15 Waiting for Superman
Total: 6h 21m

DJ Doena

18. Jul
Total: 0m

19. Jul
Timeless 1x01 Pilot
Timeless 1x02 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Total: 1h 27m

20. Jul
Smallville 5x18 Fragile
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Total: 2h 38m

21. Jul
Smallville 6x09 Subterranean
Smallville 1x07 Craving
Smallville 2x05 Nocturne
Total: 2h 51m

22. Jul
Smallville 2x08 Ryan
Smallville 4x02 Gone
Smallville 5x04 Aqua
Smallville 6x05 Reunion
Total: 2h 48m

23. Jul
Total: 0m

24. Jul
The Orville 3x07 From Unknown Graves
The Orville 3x08 Midnight Blue
Total: 2h 40m

DJ Doena

25. Jul
Total: 0m

26. Jul
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x18 Dirty Girls
Total: 43m

27. Jul
Total: 0m

28. Jul
White Collar 2x11 Forging Bonds
White Collar 2x12 What Happens in Burma...
White Collar 2x13 Countermeasures
Total: 2h 4m

29. Jul
Total: 0m

30. Jul
Real Time with Bill Maher 29. Jul 2022 Chris Cuomo, Sam Stein, John McWhorter
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 24. Jul 2022 2021–2022 inflation surge
Total: 1h 34m

31. Jul
Smallville 5x19 Mercy
The Orville 3x09 Domino
White Collar 2x14 Payback
White Collar 2x15 Power Play
White Collar 2x16 Under the Radar
White Collar 3x01 On Guard
Total: 4h 47m

Total: 2d 11h 25m
Durchschnitt: 1h 55m pro Tag

DJ Doena

01. Aug
Total: 0m

02. Aug
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x19 Empty Places
Total: 43m

03. Aug
Total: 0m

04. Aug
The Good Place 2x02 Dance Dance Resolution
Smallville 5x20 Fade
Total: 1h 4m

05. Aug
Total: 0m

06. Aug
Iron Eagle
Gesetz der Rache
Total: 3h 50m

07. Aug
Real Time with Bill Maher 05. Aug 2022 David Duchovny, Matt Taibbi, Lis Smith
Parks & Recreation 3x02 Flu Season
Total: 1h 17m

08. Aug
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 31. Jul 2022 Mental health care in the United States
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 07. Aug 2022 2022 monkeypox outbreak
Total: 1h 8m

09. Aug
Total: 0m

10. Aug
Total: 0m

11. Aug
The Office (US) 1x01 Pilot
The Office (US) 1x02 Diversity Day
The Office (US) 1x03 Health Care
The Office (US) 1x04 The Alliance
The Office (US) 1x05 Basketball
The Office (US) 1x06 Hot Girl
The Office (US) 2x01 The Dundies
The Office (US) 2x02 Sexual Harassment
The Office (US) 2x03 Office Olympics
The Office (US) 2x04 The Fire
The Office (US) 2x05 Halloween
The Office (US) 2x06 The Fight
The Office (US) 2x07 The Client
The Office (US) 2x08 Performance Review
The Office (US) 2x09 Email Surveillance
The Office (US) 2x10 Christmas Party
The Office (US) 2x11 Booze Cruise
Total: 6h 14m

12. Aug
The Office (US) 2x12 The Injury
The Office (US) 2x13 The Secret
The Office (US) 2x14 The Carpet
The Office (US) 2x15 Boys And Girls
The Office (US) 2x16 Valentine's Day
The Office (US) 2x17 Dwight's Speech
The Office (US) 2x18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day
The Office (US) 2x19 Michael's Birthday
The Office (US) 2x20 Drug Testing
The Office (US) 2x21 Conflict Resolution
The Office (US) 2x22 Casino Night
Total: 4h 1m

13. Aug
The Office (US) 3x01 Gay Witch Hunt
Smallville 5x21 Oracle
The Office (US) 3x02 The Convention
The Office (US) 3x03 The Coup
The Office (US) 3x04 Grief Counseling
The Office (US) 3x05 Initiation
The Office (US) 3x06 Diwali
The Office (US) 3x07 Branch Closing
The Office (US) 3x08 The Merger
The Office (US) 3x09 The Convict
The Office (US) 3x10 A Benihana Christmas
Real Time with Bill Maher 12. Aug 2022 Ross Douthat, Piers Morgan, Rikki Schlott
Total: 5h 53m