TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2022

DJ Doena

01. Jan
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2021
Total: 1h 32m

02. Jan
Urban Priol: TILT 2021
Total: 1h 29m

03. Jan
Ted Lasso 1x01 Pilot
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x06 Jake and Sophia
All Rise 1x15 Prelude to a Fish
All Rise 1x16 My Fair Lockdown
Total: 2h 18m

04. Jan
#Beisenherz 03. Jan 2022 #kanzler_scholz, #wellenbrecher, #klimaversagen, #CDU_am_Boden
Total: 42m

05. Jan
Ice Road Rescue 6x04 Blizzard Battle
Total: 44m

06. Jan
Total: 0m

07. Jan
Total: 0m

08. Jan
Total: 0m

09. Jan
Community 2x02 Accounting for Lawyers
Community 2x03 The Psychology of Letting Go
Total: 42m

10. Jan
Total: 0m

11. Jan
#Beisenherz 10. Jan 2022 #regelwirrwarr, #corona_zahlendesaster, #testchaos
Total: 42m

12. Jan
Ich heirate eine Familie... 1x01 1 + 1 = 5
Total: 1h 28m
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DJ Doena

13. Jan
Großstadtrevier 1x01 Mensch, der Bulle ist 'ne Frau
Großstadtrevier 1x02 Speedy
Großstadtrevier 1x03 Prosit Neujahr
Total: 2h 27m

14. Jan
Großstadtrevier 1x04 Amamos und Konsorten
Total: 49m

15. Jan
Community 1x16 Communication Studies
Community 1x17 Physical Education
Community 1x18 Basic Genealogy
Smallville 4x08 Spell
Smallville 4x09 Bound
Smallville 4x10 Scare
Smallville 4x11 Unsafe
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x07 Lockdown
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x08 USPIS
Friends 1x19 The One where the Monkey gets Away
Friends 1x20 The One with the Evil Orthodontist
Friends 1x21 The One with the Fake Monica
O.C., California 4x02 The Gringos
Total: 6h 29m

16. Jan
O.C., California 4x03 The Cold Turkey
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x07 Conversations with Dead People
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x08 Sleeper
Castle 5x06 The Final Frontier
Castle 5x07 Swan Song
Castle 5x08 After Hours
The Rookie 4x09 Breakdown
The Rookie 4x10 Heart Beat
The Rookie 4x11 End Game
Supergirl 1x05 Livewire
Total: 7h 4m

DJ Doena

17. Jan
Total: 0m

18. Jan
Smallville 4x12 Pariah
Community 2x04 Basic Rocket Science
Community 2x05 Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples
Total: 1h 24m

19. Jan
How I Met Your Father 1x01 Pilot
Total: 25m

20. Jan
Ted Lasso 1x02 Biscuits
Ted Lasso 1x03 Trent Crimm: The Independent
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x09 Never Leave Me
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x09 The Road Trip
Melissa & Joey 1x18 Auction Hero
Melissa & Joey 1x15 Waiting for Mr. Right
Melissa & Joey 1x23 Young Love
Melissa & Joey 1x24 Mel and Joe's Anniversary
Melissa & Joey 1x25 Going the Distance?
Melissa & Joey 1x16 All Politics is Local
The Big Bang Theory 3x14 The Einstein Approximation
The Big Bang Theory 3x15 The Large Hadron Collision
The Big Bang Theory 3x16 The Excelsior Acquisition
The Big Bang Theory 3x17 The Precious Fragmentation
Total: 5h 35m

21. Jan
Total: 0m

22. Jan
Sechs Tage Eiszeit - Der Katastrophenwinter 1978/79
Total: 1h 30m

23. Jan
Smallville 4x13 Recruit
Friends 1x22 The One with the Ick Factor
The Big Bang Theory 3x18 The Pants Alternative
The Big Bang Theory 3x19 The Wheaton Recurrence
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x08 Light Duty
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x09 I'm Not Edsel
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x10 Tunde123
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x11 Cats in a Bathtub
Castle 5x09 Secret Santa
FBI 4x08 Fire and Rain
FBI 4x09 Unfinished Business
FBI 4x10 Fostered
FBI 4x11 Grief
9-1-1: Lone Star 2x14 Dust to Dust
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x01 The Big Chill
Total: 8h 7m

DJ Doena

24. Jan
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x02 Thin Ice
Total: 44m

25. Jan
Community 1x19 Beginner Pottery
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x03 Shock & Thaw
Total: 1h 5m

26. Jan
Community 2x06 Epidemiology
Smallville 4x14 Krypto
Total: 1h 5m

27. Jan
Real Time with Bill Maher 22. Jan 2022 Timothy D. Snyder, Bari Weiss, Ritchie Torres
Resident Alien 2x01 Old Friends
Seinfeld 1x04 Male Unbonding
Total: 2h 9m

28. Jan
Seinfeld 1x05 The Stock Tip
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x10 Bring on the Night
Total: 1h 6m

29. Jan
Real Time with Bill Maher 28. Jan 2022 Ira Glasser, Fiona Hill, Matt Welch
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x10 The Pontiac Bandit Returns
The Big Bang Theory 3x20 The Spaghetti Catalyst
Ted Lasso 1x04 For the Children
Raising Hope 1x02 Dead Tooth
Raising Hope 1x03 Dream Hoarders
Raising Hope 1x04 Say Cheese
Raising Hope 1x05 Happy Halloween
Raising Hope 1x06 Family Secrets
Raising Hope 1x07 The Sniffles
Raising Hope 1x08 Blue Dots
Total: 4h 38m

30. Jan
Raising Hope 1x09 Meet the Grandparents
Total: 21m

31. Jan
Total: 0m

Total: 2d 6h 36m
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DJ Doena

01. Feb
Total: 0m

02. Feb
Total: 0m

03. Feb
Yellowstone 4x07 Keep the Wolves Close
Community 2x07 Aerodynamics of Gender
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x04 Push
Total: 2h 22m

04. Feb
Lucifer 3x25 Boo Normal
Lucifer 2x05 Weaponizer
Friends 1x23 The One with the Birth
Friends 1x24 The One where Rachel finds Out
Total: 2h 16m

05. Feb
Total: 0m

06. Feb
Real Time with Bill Maher 04. Feb 2022 Ro Khanna, Johann Hari, Katherine Mangu-Ward
Reacher 1x01 Welcome to Margrave
Total: 1h 53m

DJ Doena

07. Feb
Reacher 1x02 First Dance
Reacher 1x03 Spoonful
Total: 1h 40m

08. Feb
Smallville 1x02 Metamorphosis
Total: 45m

09. Feb
Total: 0m

10. Feb
Yellowstone 4x08 No Kindness for the Coward
Yellowstone 4x09 No Such Thing as Fair
Total: 1h 45m

11. Feb
Community 2x08 Cooperative Calligraphy
Community 1x20 The Science of Illusion
Community 1x21 Contemporary American Poultry
Total: 1h 3m

12. Feb
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 1x00a Pilot
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 1x00b Pilot
Total: 3h 4m

13. Feb
Real Time with Bill Maher 11. Feb 2022 Ricky Williams, Vivek Ramaswamy, Marianne Williamson
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x11 Stakeout
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x12 Beach House
Friends 2x01 The One with Ross's New Girlfriend
The Big Bang Theory 3x21 The Plimpton Stimulation
The Big Bang Theory 3x22 The Staircase Implementation
Reacher 1x04 In a Tree
Reacher 1x05 No Apologies
Reacher 1x06 Papier
Reacher 1x07 Reacher Said Nothing
Reacher 1x08 Pie
Total: 6h 44m

DJ Doena

14. Feb
Smallville 4x15 Sacred
Smallville 4x16 Lucy
Total: 1h 26m

15. Feb
Total: 0m

16. Feb
Total: 0m

17. Feb
Yellowstone 4x10 Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops
Total: 1h 16m

18. Feb
Smallville 4x17 Onyx
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x05 Child Care
Total: 1h 28m

19. Feb
Real Time with Bill Maher 18. Feb 2022 Brooke Jenkins, John Avlon, Katrina Vanden Heuvel
The Big Bang Theory 3x23 The Lunar Excitation
Ted Lasso 1x05 Tan Lines
Ted Lasso 1x06 Two Aces
Friends 2x02 The One with the Breast Milk
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x06 The ATX-Files
Total: 3h 27m

20. Feb
Total: 0m

21. Feb
Total: 0m

22. Feb
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 20. Feb 2022 Critical race theory
Total: 35m

23. Feb
Total: 0m

24. Feb
Total: 0m

25. Feb
Total: 0m

26. Feb
Real Time with Bill Maher 25. Feb 2022 Ruben Gallego, Chloé Valdary, Bret Stephens
Community 2x09 Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design
Community 1x22 The Art of Discourse
Total: 1h 40m

27. Feb
Smallville 4x18 Spirit
The Big Bang Theory 4x01 The Robotic Manipulation
Total: 1h 5m

28. Feb
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 27. Feb 2022 Sex work
Total: 40m

Total: 1d 9h 9m
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DJ Doena

01. Mrz
Ted Lasso 1x07 Make Rebecca Great Again
Total: 32m

02. Mrz
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x13 Payback
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x14 The Defense Rests
Total: 43m

03. Mrz
Seinfeld 2x01 The Ex-Girlfriend
Seinfeld 2x02 The Pony Remark
Total: 46m

04. Mrz
Seinfeld 2x03 The Jacket
Seinfeld 2x04 The Phone Message
Total: 46m

05. Mrz
The Big Bang Theory 4x02 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
Friends 2x03 The One Where Heckles Dies
Friends 2x04 The One with Phoebe's Husband
Smallville 4x19 Blank
The Problem with Jon Stewart 10. Mrz 2022 The Stock Market
Resident Alien 2x02 The Wire
Resident Alien 2x03 Girls' Night
Total: 4h 9m

06. Mrz
Resident Alien 2x04 Radio Harry
Resident Alien 2x05 Family Day
Resident Alien 2x06 An Alien in New York
Total: 2h 12m

07. Mrz
Seinfeld 2x05 The Apartment
Seinfeld 2x06 The Statue
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 06. Mrz 2022 Wrongful convictions
Total: 1h 15m

08. Mrz
Seinfeld 2x07 The Revenge
Seinfeld 2x08 The Heart Attack
Seinfeld 2x09 The Deal
Seinfeld 2x10 The Baby Shower
Seinfeld 2x11 The Chinese Restaurant
Total: 1h 56m

09. Mrz
Seinfeld 2x12 The Busboy
Seinfeld 3x01 The Note
Community 2x10 Mixology Certification
Ted Lasso 1x08 The Diamond Dogs
Total: 1h 36m

10. Mrz
#Beisenherz 07. Mrz 2022 #kiew_noch_zu_retten?, #flugverbotszone, #humanitäre_korridore, #ukraine_flüchtlinge
Total: 42m

11. Mrz
#Beisenherz 28. Feb 2022 #wer_stoppt_putin, #nukleare_bedrohung, #harte_sanktionen, #zeitenwende, #ukraine_flüchtlinge
#Beisenherz 21. Feb 2022 #diplomatie_am_limit, #putins_machtspiele, #quo_vadis_ukraine
Total: 1h 24m

12. Mrz
Real Time with Bill Maher 11. Mrz 2022 Kenneth Branagh, Frank Bruni, Batya Ungar-Sargon
Resident Alien 2x07 Escape from New York
Community 1x23 Modern Warfare
Total: 2h 3m

13. Mrz
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x07 Red vs. Blue
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x08 In the Unlikely Event of an Emergency
Total: 1h 29m

DJ Doena

14. Mrz
Total: 0m

15. Mrz
The Big Bang Theory 4x03 The Zazzy Substitution
Total: 21m

16. Mrz
#Beisenherz 14. Mrz 2022 #ringen_um_frieden, #hilferuf_der_ukraine, #gas_öl_embargo, #fluchtwege, #aufnahmedruck
Castle 5x10 Significant Others
Total: 1h 22m

17. Mrz
1883 1x01 1883
Seinfeld 3x02 The Truth
Seinfeld 3x03 The Pen
Seinfeld 3x04 The Dog
Resident Alien 2x08 Alien Dinner Party
Total: 2h 59m

18. Mrz
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 13. Mrz 2022 Ticket resale
The Problem with Jon Stewart 09. Mrz 2022 Climate Change
The Problem with Jon Stewart 16. Mrz 2022 Media
Ted Lasso 1x09 All Apologies
Smallville 4x20 Ageless
Smallville 4x21 Forever
Total: 4h 15m

19. Mrz
Community 1x24 English as a Second Language
Community 1x25 Pascal's Triangle Revisited
Real Time with Bill Maher 18. Mrz 2022 Ernest Moniz, Max Brooks, Kristen Soltis Anderson
Castle 5x11 Under the Influence
Total: 2h 19m

20. Mrz
Castle 5x12 Death Gone Crazy
Castle 5x13 Recoil
Castle 5x14 Reality Star Struck
Castle 5x15 Target (1)
Castle 5x16 Hunt (2)
The Rookie 4x12 The Knock
The Rookie 4x13 Fight or Flight
The Rookie 4x14 Long Shot
The Rookie 4x15 Hit List
The Rookie 4x16 Real Crime
Total: 7h 0m

DJ Doena

21. Mrz
Seinfeld 3x05 The Library
Seinfeld 3x06 The Parking Garage
Total: 45m

22. Mrz
Community 2x11 Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
Community 2x12 Asian Population Studies
#Beisenherz 21. Mrz 2022 #keine_kapitulation, #putins_machtspiele, #habeck_in_katar, #geflüchtetenzahlen, #freedomday_light
Total: 1h 24m

23. Mrz
Total: 0m

24. Mrz
1883 1x02 Behind Us, A Cliff
Total: 59m

25. Mrz
The Problem with Jon Stewart 24. Mrz 2022 Racism
Seinfeld 3x07 The Cafe
Seinfeld 3x08 The Tape
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x09 The Bird
Total: 2h 22m

26. Mrz
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x10 Parental Guidance
The Good Place 1x01x02 Everything Is Fine - Flying
Real Time with Bill Maher 25. Mrz 2022 Julia Ioffe, Jon Tester, John Heilemann
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x11 Prince Albert in a Can
Ted Lasso 1x10 The Hope That Kills You
New Girl 1x01 Pilot
Total: 4h 6m

27. Mrz
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x12 Your Beans Are Flatlining
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x13 One Man, No Baby
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x15 Windbreaker City
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x16 The Wednesday Incident
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x17 Boyle-Linetti Wedding
The Big Bang Theory 4x04 The Hot Troll Deviation
White Collar 2x03 Copycat Caffrey
Total: 2h 43m

DJ Doena

28. Mrz
White Collar 2x04 By the Book
Seinfeld 3x09 The Nose Job
Seinfeld 3x10 The Stranded
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x14 Every Subpoena is a Tiny Hug
Total: 1h 47m

29. Mrz
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x15 Compress to Impress
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x16 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Total: 37m

30. Mrz
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 27. Mrz 2022 Harm reduction of recreational drug use
Bob Hearts Abishola 3x17 Inappropriate Nakedness
Bob Hearts Abishola 1x01 Pilot
The Neighborhood 4x08 Welcome to the Family Business
The Neighborhood 4x09 Welcome to the Splurge
The Neighborhood 4x10 Welcome to Jury Duty
Seinfeld 3x11 The Alternative Side
Seinfeld 3x12 The Red Dot
The Neighborhood 4x11 Welcome to the Knockout
The Neighborhood 4x12 Welcome to the Big One
The Neighborhood 1x01 Pilot
Total: 4h 12m

31. Mrz
The Neighborhood 4x13 Welcome to the Stakeout
The Neighborhood 4x14 Welcome to the Big Little Leagues
The Neighborhood 4x15 Welcome to the Remodel
The Neighborhood 4x16 Welcome to the Man Code
The Neighborhood 4x17 Welcome to Bro Money, Bro Problems
Total: 1h 46m

Total: 2d 10h 32m
Durchschnitt: 1h 53m pro Tag

DJ Doena

01. Apr
#Beisenherz 28. Mrz 2022 #saarlandbeben, #putinsturz, #general_scholz, #energieboykott, #akw_revival
New Girl 1x02 Kryptonite
Smallville 5x01 Arrival
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x18 Captain Peralta
Total: 2h 5m

02. Apr
The Big Bang Theory 4x05 The Desperation Emanation
The Good Place 1x03 Tahani Al-Jamil
Real Time with Bill Maher 01. Apr 2022 Nicole Perlroth, Andrew Yang, Laura Coates
Total: 1h 39m

03. Apr
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x12 Negative Space
White Collar 2x05 Unfinished Business
White Collar 2x06 In the Red
Total: 2h 5m

04. Apr
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 03. Apr 2022 The U.S. Trucking Industry
The Rookie 4x17 Coding
Ted Lasso 2x01 Goodbye Earl
Family Law 1x01 Sins of the Fathers
Total: 2h 37m

05. Apr
Total: 0m

06. Apr
Family Law 1x02 Parenthood
Total: 45m

07. Apr
The Good Place 1x04 Jason Mendoza
Total: 21m

08. Apr
Total: 0m

09. Apr
#Beisenherz 04. Apr 2022 #massaker_von_butscha, #reaktionen_auf_butscha, #energieembargo, #inflationsschock, #geflüchtetensituation
New Girl 1x03 Wedding
Real Time with Bill Maher 08. Apr 2022 David Mamet, Nancy MacLean, David Leonhardt
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x19 Sabotage
The Big Bang Theory 4x06 The Irish Pub Formulation
Smallville 5x02 Mortal
White Collar 2x07 Prisoner's Dilemma
Total: 4h 7m

10. Apr
Total: 0m

11. Apr
#Beisenherz 11. Apr 2022, #putin_rückhalt[/url
Total: 42m

12. Apr
Switched at Birth 1x01 This Is Not a Pipe
5x16 The Fugitive
The Rookie 4x18 Backstabbers
Family Law 1x03 Addicted to Love
Total: 2h 54m

13. Apr
Total: 0m

14. Apr
SOKO Potsdam 4x01 Wenn es dunkel wird
Total: 44m

15. Apr
Zur See 1x01 Die Bewährung
Zur See 1x02 Die Hochzeitsüberraschung
Zur See 1x03 Der Ladungsbrand
Zur See 1x04 Die Kollision
Family Law 1x01 Sins of the Fathers
Harry Potter - 20th Anniversary Return to Hogwarts
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Tournament of Houses 1x01 Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Tournament of Houses 1x02 Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin
Total: 8h 28m

16. Apr
Ice Road Rescue: Extremrettung in Norwegen 6x05 Pressure Pile-Up
Ice Road Rescue: Extremrettung in Norwegen 6x06 Big Boss Battle
Ice Road Rescue: Extremrettung in Norwegen 6x07 White Out Warriors
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Magical Movie Mode
Total: 3h 54m

17. Apr
Zur See 1x05 Ruf an Rügenradio
Zur See 1x06 Zwei Briefe
S.W.A.T. 5x02 Madrugada (2)
Ice Road Rescue: Extremrettung in Norwegen 6x08 High Roads, High Stakes
Total: 3h 46m

18. Apr
Zur See 1x07 Lotse an Bord
Zur See 1x08 Die Verhandlung
Zur See 1x09 Zwei Kapitäne
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1x01x02 Awakening
Kampfstern Galactica (1978) 1x01x02x03 Saga of A Star World
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Tournament of Houses 1x03 The Wildcard Round
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Tournament of Houses 1x04 The Grand Finale
Die Anstalt 05. Apr 2022 Krieg in der Ukraine
Total: 9h 23m

19. Apr
Highlander 1x01 The Gathering
Total: 49m

20. Apr
Total: 0m

21. Apr
Total: 0m

22. Apr
Galaxy Quest
Total: 1h 42m

23. Apr
Smallville 5x03 Hidden
Smallville 5x04 Aqua
Real Time with Bill Maher 22. Apr 2022 Bob Odenkirk, Mary Katharine Ham, Caitlin Flanagan
New Girl 1x04 Naked
New Girl 1x05 Cece Crashes
Total: 3h 3m

24. Apr
Bill Maher: #Adulting
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10. Apr 2022 Data brokers
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 17. Apr 2022 Police interrogations and false confessions
White Collar 2x08 Company Man
Total: 2h 58m
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DJ Doena

25. Apr
Total: 0m

26. Apr
The Proposal
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x13 Riddle of the Sphinx
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x14 Impulse Control
Total: 3h 16m

27. Apr
#Beisenherz 25. Apr 2022 #macron_sieg, #scholz_lavieren, #schwere_waffen_liefern, #schröder_interview, #judenhass
Smallville 5x05 Thirst
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x20 AC/DC
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x21 Det. Dave Majors
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2x22 The Chopper
The Good Place 1x05 Category 55 Doomsday Crisis
The Good Place 1x06 What We Owe to Each Other
Total: 3h 12m

28. Apr
1883 1x03 River
1883 1x04 The Crossing
Total: 1h 38m

29. Apr
Superstore 4x15 Salary
Superstore 6x05 Hair Care Products
Superstore 6x06 Biscuit
Total: 1h 4m

30. Apr
Superstore 6x07 The Trough
Superstore 6x08 Ground Rules
Superstore 6x09 Conspiracy
Superstore 6x10 Depositions
Superstore 6x11 Deep Cleaning
Superstore 6x12 Customer Satisfaction
Superstore 6x13 Lowell Anderson
Superstore 6x14 Perfect Store (1)
Superstore 6x15 All Sales Final (2)
Real Time with Bill Maher 29. Apr 2022 Fran Lebowitz, Ali Velshi, Doug Jones
Angel 4x05 Supersymmetry
Angel 4x06 Spin the Bottle
Angel 4x07 Apocalypse, Nowish
Total: 6h 19m

Total: 2d 19h 30m
Durchschnitt: 2h 15m pro Tag
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DJ Doena

01. Mai
Angel 4x08 Habeas Corpses
Angel 4x09 Long Day's Journey
Angel 4x10 Awakening
Angel 4x11 Soulless
Angel 4x12 Calvary
Angel 4x13 Salvage
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x11 Showtime
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x12 Potential
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 7x13 The Killer in Me
Total: 6h 22m

02. Mai
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 01. Mai 2022 Environmental racism
9-1-1: Lone Star 3x15 Down to Clown
The Rookie 4x19 Simone
The Rookie 4x20 Enervo
Total: 2h 45m

03. Mai
New Girl 1x06 Thanksgiving
Total: 22m

04. Mai
#Beisenherz 02. Mai 2022 #promis_gegen_waffen, #klartext_scholz, #merz_in_kiew, #baerbock_für_ölembargo, #schwesig_unter_druck
The Big Bang Theory 4x07 The Apology Insufficiency
The Big Bang Theory 4x08 The 21-Second Excitation
The Big Bang Theory 4x09 The Boyfriend Complexity
Total: 1h 41m

05. Mai
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x01 Welcome to the Hellmouth (1)
1883 1x05 The Fangs of Freedom
1883 1x06 Boring The Devil
Smallville 5x06 Exposed
Total: 3h 13m

06. Mai
Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 1x02 The Harvest (2)
Total: 45m

07. Mai
Real Time with Bill Maher 06. Mai 2022 Chloe Maxmin, Paul Begala, Michele Tafoya
Chicago Fire 2x20a A Dark Day (Part 1)
Chicago P.D. 1x12b 8.30 PM (Part 2)
Star Trek: Discovery 2x01 Brother
Star Trek: Discovery 2x02 New Eden
Total: 4h 6m

08. Mai
Star Trek: Discovery 2x03 Point of Light
Star Trek: Discovery 2x04 An Obol for Charon
Star Trek: Discovery 2x05 Saints of Imperfection
Star Trek: Discovery 2x06 The Sounds of Thunder
Star Trek: Discovery 2x07 Perpetual Infinity
Total: 4h 11m