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  1. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Feb 25
    Psych 1x02 The Spelling Bee
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 24.02.2019 Psychics
    Psych 1x03 Peak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece
    Psych 1x04 Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets
    Psych 1x05 9 Lives
    Psych 1x06 Weekend Warriors
    Psych 1x07 Who Ya Gonna Call?
    Psych 1x08 Shawn vs. The Red Phantom
    Doctor Who (2005) 1x12 Bad Wolf
    Doctor Who (2005) 1x13 The Parting of the Ways
    Doctor Who (2005) 2x00 The Christmas Invasion
    The Americans 3x08 Divestment
    Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen 2x06 Halloween
    Total: 9h 13m
  2. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

  3. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Feb 28
    Firefly 1x08 Out of Gas
    Psych 1x09 Forget Me Not
    The Americans 3x09 Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?
    The Americans 3x10 Stingers
    The Americans 3x11 One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov
    The Americans 3x12 I Am Abassin Zadran
    The Americans 3x13 March 8, 1983
    The Americans 4x01 Glanders
    Single Parents 1x17 Summer of Miggy
    You're the Worst 5x08 The Pillars of Creation
    The Americans 4x02 Pastor Tim
    Doctor Who (2005) 2x03 School Reunion
    Total: 8h 17m

    Total: 4d 0h 23m
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  4. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Mrz 01
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x08 He Said, She Said
    Fam 1x08 Jojo Returns
    Chicago Med 4x16 Old Flames, New Sparks
    Chicago Fire 7x16 Fault in Him
    Total: 2h 6m

    Mrz 02
    Chicago P.D. 6x16 The Forgotten
    Smallville 4x21 Forever
    Total: 1h 24m

    Mrz 03
    Smallville 4x07 Jinx
    Smallville 2x05 Nocturne
    Speechless 3x16 W-h-Wheelchair P-l-Planet
    Last Man Standing 7x15 Urban Exploring
    The Orville 2x08 Identity, Pt. 1
    The Orville 2x09 Identity, Pt. 2
    The Americans 4x03 Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow
    The Americans 4x04 Chloramphenicol
    The Americans 4x05 Clark's Place
    Total: 5h 58m
  5. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Mrz 04
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 03.03.2019 Automation and technological unemployment
    Supergirl 4x13 What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?
    Total: 1h 12m

    Mrz 05
    Total: 0m

    Mrz 06
    Man with a Plan 3x05 The New Old School
    Doctor Who (2005) 2x04 The Girl in the Fireplace
    The Rookie 1x15 Manhunt
    Total: 1h 47m

    Mrz 07
    Total: 0m

    Mrz 08
    Total: 0m

    Mrz 09
    Real Time with Bill Maher 09.03.2019 Matt Schlapp, Michael Steele, Jonathan Alter, Mary Katharine Ham, Noah Rothman
    The Blacklist 6x10 The Cryptobanker (No. 160)
    Last Man Standing 7x17 Cards on the Table
    Speechless 3x17 S-p-Special B-Boy T-i-Time
    You're the Worst 5x09 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Sunday Funday
    Total: 2h 47m

    Mrz 10
    Fam 1x09 Ocean View
    Veronica Mars 1x03 Meet John Smith
    Superstore 4x10 Cloud 9 Academy
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x09 The Golden Child
    Young Sheldon 2x17 Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary
    The Good Doctor 2x17 Breakdown
    Miracle Workers 1x04 6 Days
    The Enemy Within 1x02 Black Bear
    The Big Bang Theory 12x17 The Conference Valuation
    God Friended Me 1x15 Two Guys, a Girl, and a Thai Food Place
    The Resident 2x16 Adverse Events
    Total: 5h 34m
  6. DJ Doena

    DJ Doena Admiral Mitarbeiter

    Mrz 11
    Pointless Celebrities 09.03.2019 Sitcoms
    God Friended Me 1x16 Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10.03.2019 Robocalls
    Supergirl 4x14 Stand and Deliver
    Total: 2h 44m

    Mrz 12
    Psych 1x10 From the Earth to Starbucks
    The Good Doctor 2x18 Trampoline
    The Neighborhood 1x17 Welcome to the Climb
    The West Wing 1x22 What Kind of Day Has It Been
    Total: 2h 27m

    Mrz 13
    Total: 0m

    Mrz 14
    Man with a Plan 3x06 Semi-Indecent Proposal
    The Enemy Within 1x03 The Ambassador's Wife
    Total: 1h 2m

    Mrz 15
    Fam 1x10 Dance Dance Resolution
    Fam 1x11 Party Girl
    Total: 41m

    Mrz 16
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6x10 Gintars
    Miracle Workers 1x05 3 Days
    Last Man Standing 7x18 Otherwise Engaged
    Real Time with Bill Maher 15.03.2019 Andrew McCabe, Andrew Gillum, John Heilemann, Jon Tester, Jessica Yellin
    The Blacklist 6x11 Bastien Moreau (No. 20)
    Superstore 4x11 Steps Challenge
    Speechless 3x18 S-e-Seoul B-r-Brothers
    Single Parents 1x18 A Radiant Cloak of Sexual Irresistibility
    You're the Worst 5x10 Magical Thinking
    The Americans 4x06 The Rat
    The Americans 4x07 Travel Agents
    The Americans 4x08 The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears
    The Americans 4x09 The Day After
    The Americans 4x10 Munchkins
    The Americans 4x11 Dinner for Seven
    The Americans 4x12 A Roy Rogers in Franconia
    The Americans 4x13 Persona Non Grata
    Total: 10h 16m

    Mrz 17
    The Americans 5x01 Amber Waves
    The Americans 5x02 Pests
    The Americans 5x03 The Midges
    The Americans 5x04 What's the Matter with Kansas?
    The Americans 5x05 Lotus 1-2-3
    The Americans 5x06 Crossbreed
    The Americans 5x07 The Committee on Human Rights
    The Americans 5x08 Immersion
    The Americans 5x09 IHOP
    The Americans 5x10 Darkroom
    The Americans 5x11 Dyatkovo
    The Americans 5x12 The World Council of Churches
    The Americans 5x13 The Soviet Division
    Pointless Celebrities 16.03.2019 Radio
    Total: 10h 51m

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